Sentrynet Training Programmes

Linux = hot skill

The IT industry is expected to hire many more Linux professionals this year, and to take extra measures to retain Linux talent within organisations find out what this demand means in terms of remuneration.

Linux Admin

We can provide you with the training you need to become a Linux system admin. Our course provide training directly geared to preparing you for Linux skills.

AntiSpam / Antivirus

Integration for anti-virus, auto-update virus database.

Quarantining in database, release or delete them with Admin panel.

Spamtrap support.

WhiteList / Blacklist support. Based on IP address, sender address, DNS name, HELO SPF /DKIM /Greylisting


Roundcube WebMail

Global LDAP Address Book Support

Vacation Support

Custom Mail Filter

message searching and spell checking.

Threaded message listing

Ajax based Drag & Drop Messages

Contact list import / export feature

Admin Panel

Manage Domains

Manage Users/ Mailists /Alias /Forwarding

Sender/Recipient BCC

Manage Quota

Manage Limits and Rate

Quarantine Release

Log Last Admin operations

Trottling per user and domain


Restrict Sending / Fetching/ Mailfilters / Forwarding via imap, pop, imaps, pops, smtp and smtps Restrict Message size, limit, number and time unit


SSL based Web Access

SSL based pop,imap and smtp

SSL based Admin Panel

Log of all incoming outgoing emails

set bcc of account for monitoring

enable backup user/domain level as needed