Website Security & CDN


Protect and accelerate your websites in minutes.

  • Firewall, DDoS protection, CDN and much more.
  • Benefit from services like content acceleration and optimization (CDN).
  • bot protection and two-factor authentication.
  • The ability to add additional security options including a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection.
  • These services are powered by industry-leading technology and complemented by professional services.

Global Network Map

Built from the ground up, intelligent CDN architecture is designed for today’s high-speed Internet environment. The CDN is structured around a strategically located high-capacity data centers using the most advanced hardware and software.

Regional Presence and Regulational Compliance

CDN comprises data centers located at strategic points on the Internet (e.g., close to ISPs). These locations enhance global coverage for our clients, while also allowing them to comply with regional content and privacy regulations. CDN runs on top of major Tier 1 provider networks, ensuring the highest quality of service, maximum throughput and minimum latency.Total network capacity exceeds 700Gbps - more than enough to accommodate our growing traffic and to stay ahead of triple-digit volumetric DDoS attacks. Invested in network expansion. Our future roadmap always includes the rollout of additional data centers to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding customer base and the rapid growth of network-related DDoS threats.

New Data Center Locations & network expansion plans

The locations of our upcoming data centers were carefully chosen for optimized network connectivity and for their ability to reflect the actual needs of our clients. They will augment network presence in high-demand regions, as well as providing coverage in new geo-locations.

This is how our network will look by the end of the year:

Western HemisphereEastern Hemisphere
Atlanta, USAAuckland, New Zealand
Lima, PeruHong Kong, China
Madrid, SpainMilan, Italy
Mexico City, MexicoMumbai, India
Sao Paulo, BrazilStockholm, Sweden
Toronto, CanadaSeoul, South Korea
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland

Even as we speak, some of these locations are already in the process of early deployment, and few are just few steps away from official activation. Still, it is possible that a position of few of the locations will shift, depending of the availability of local network resources.

This is how our network will look like by the end of the year:

Staying Ahead of DDoS Attacks

Our rapid network expansion is not only fueled by own growth but also by the growth of volumetric DDoS attacks. Since the beginning of 2013, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of large-scale DDoS threats to the point where one in every three attacks now reaches beyond 20Gbps and +100Gbps DDoS threats are no longer uncommon. With several large-scale DDoS events occurring on a daily basis, and with more and more websites looking to for protection, we knew it was time to invest; not just for the need of today, but also for the goals of tomorrow. And so, as big as today’s announcement is for us, it’s still yet another piece of a much bigger picture, with the next big DDoS related update already around the corner. Finally to explain in plain CDN is like having your website all over the world in continents shown, your customers will get your site with super speed due to low latency and true global experience and best part you don’t need to change your hosting or settings. CDN will replicate your site that’s our job.

Easy to Setup

CDN can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of the website’s platform. It takes less than five minutes to activate CDN on your website – all you have to do is make a DNS change. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain, and you can keep your current hosting provider. While CDN is totally transparent, it can be turned off any time just as easily as you turned it on.

All you have to do is now place order and accelerate your site to new level, absolutely no changes to your site or server at all.

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