Always Ahead Of The Threat

CYREN delivers innovative security services and detection technologies, designed to protect you from virus, phishing and malware attacks across all your devices. Associated with CYREN to give you security solutions support.


About 80% of all business data is unstructured and for most companies this data is often held in email. So the ability to ensure that your inbox always contains the emails you want and never the ones you don’t is business-critical. Our global platform analyzes billions of emails every day—continuously updating its view of the world to protect you against new threats and keep your inbox clean. We are more connected than ever before, often needing to rely on email as our basic form of communication. Yet email remains the number one medium for threat distribution. CYREN EmailSecurity frees inboxes of spam, viruses, and phishing threats without blocking important business messages. — protecting email users whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they need.

  • Anti-spam protects against phishing and spam messages with a 99%+ detection rate.
  • Outbound Anti-spam not only blocks but identifies spam originating within your infrastructure—preventing the time, cost and potential service disruption associated with being blacklisted.
  • IP Reputation blocks more than 85% of unwanted inbound email traffic before it ever reaches your infrastructure, massively reducing the load on your internal systems.
  • Antivirus blocks email-borne malware attacks, with a special emphasis on blocking new and emerging threats.

An optimized solution is the most efficient and reliable way to secure your email infrastructure. As you face a growing diversity of attacks, only the CYREN Email Security Suite offers a complete platform of technologies to keep your customers’ inboxes safe. Individually, these technologies are potent sources of protection. But together, they provide a peace of mind and confidence in your email security that only CYREN can deliver.


CYREN WebSecurity is designed specifically for today’s evolving business model. In a few clicks you can provide the highest level of protection for your end users so that they can enjoy the business benefits gained from:

  • Having an increasingly mobile workforce
  • Operating a bring—your—own—device (BYOD) policy
  • Effective security against web threats such as phishing
  • Moving business and user applications to the cloud
  • Reducing the cost and complexity of managing security

Secure your users with the same underlying technology used by companies such as Google and Microsoft. CYREN global platform delivers security wherever users go, on whatever device they need for their work. Our intuitive dashboard can get you up and running with complex customer security policies in just a few clicks.

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